A List of Social Dances

with Demo Videos, Descriptions, and Music

Table of Contents

Contemporary Social Dances

» Waltzes
» Latin Dances
» Swing Dances
» Foxtrot & One Step
» Club Dances
» Country-Western Dances
» African Dances
» Mixers
» Group Dances

Vintage Social Dances

19th Century
» Early 19th Century Couple Dances
» Mid to Late 19th Century Couple Dances
» Opening and Closing Dances
» Mixers

20th Century
» Turn of the Century
» The 1910s
» The 1920s
» The 1930s
» The 1950s
» The 1960s
» The 1970s

Contemporary Social Dances

Figures for freestyle social dancing in the 21st century.


» Waltz & Reverse Waltz
(Rotary Waltz, Viennese Waltz)
Updated! » Cross-Step Waltz
» Box Waltz
(Box Step Waltz, Waltz,
American Slow Waltz)

» Bluesy Waltz
(Waltz Blues, Blues in Waltz Time)
» Polka & Galop
» Schottische
» Mazurka Clandestina
(Mazurka Klandestina, Tango Mazurka,
Mazurka Tango, Tangurka)

» Five-Step Waltz
(5/4 Waltz, La Valse à Cinq Temps)
» Valses Asymétriques
(Valse à 5 Temps, Valse à 8 Temps, Valse à 11 Temps)
» Zwiefacher
» Latin Waltz
(Waltz-Time Salsa, Swaltza)
» Swing Waltz
(Waltz Swing)

Latin Dances

» Salsa & Cha Cha
» Social Tango
(American Tango)
» Bachata
» Rumba
» Samba
» Cumbia
Updated! » Merengue
» Zouk

Swing Dances

» Four Count Swing
(Street Swing, Four Count Hustle
Rope Hustle, Bugg)

» Six Count Swing
(East Coast Swing, Jitterbug)
» Triple Step Swing
(East Coast Swing, Triple Swing,
Triple Time Swing, Six Count Lindy)

» Lindy Hop
» Lindy Charleston
(Charleston Kicks)
» Shag
(Collegiate Shag)

Foxtrot & One Step

» Foxtrot
(Traveling Foxtrot, Magic Step)
» Box Fox
(Box Step Foxtrot, Boxtrot)
» One Step

Club Dances

» West Coast Swing
» Nightclub Two Step
(Club Two Step, Nightclub, NC2S)
» Blues/Fusion
» Hustle
(Three-Count Hustle)
» The Sway
(Slow Dancing, Prom Dancing)

Country-Western Dances

» Country Two Step
(Texas Two Step, Two Step)
NEW » Country Swing
» Country One Step
» Country Waltz

African Dances

NEW » Kizomba


Choreographed sequences in which couples change partners.

Easy Choreographed Mixers
(No Experience Necessary,
Teachable on the Fly)

» 't Smidje
(All American Promenade, La Chapelloise,
Aapje, Aleman's Marsj, Humppa Mixer)

» Chaos Mixer
(Swiss Break Mixer,
Phrase Craze Mixer)

» One-Step Tango Mixer
(Social Tango Mixer)
» Oklahoma Trio Mixer
(Texas Schottische, California Schottische)
» Roulette Trio Mixer
(Loosely adapted from Troika,
and the Western Trio Mixer)

» Czech Waltz Mixer
(Czech Wedding Dance, Minet)
» Czech Welcome Dance
» Sybil's Roundabout

Waltz Mixers
(For Dancers Who Know
Rotary Waltz, Cross-Step Waltz,
Polka, and Schottische)

» Cross-Step Waltz Mixer
(Cross-Step Waltz Rueda)
» Oslo Waltz Mixer
(Circle Waltz Mixer, Family Waltz Mixer)
» Movie Waltz Mixer
(An Easy Mixer to Practice Waltz)
» Riff Waltz Mixer
(An Abbreviated Oslo Waltz)
» Veleta Waltz Mixer
(Adapted from The Veleta)
» Dream Waltz Mixer
(Adapted from the Dream Waltz)
» Spanish Waltz Mixer
(Spanish Waltz, Spanish Dance)
» Royal Boston Waltz Mixer
(Adapted from the Royal Boston Waltz)
» Mazurka Waltz Mixer
(Adapted from St. George's Waltz)
» Texas Waltz Mixer
(Adapted from Waltz Across Texas)
» Sextet Polka Mixer
(Sextet Mixer, Borrowdale Exchange)
» Promenade Polka Mixer
(An Easy Mixer to Practice Polka)
» Swift Schottische Mixer
(Loosely adapted from Stockholm Schottische Mixer)
» Seven Steps Schottische Mixer
(Seven Steps)

Swing Mixers
(For Dancers Who Know
Lindy Hop or Four Count Swing)

» Swing Rueda
(Lindy Hop Mixer)
» Bugg Rueda
(Four Count Swing Mixer)

Freestyle Mixers and Jams
(No Defined Choreography,
Just Change Partners and Dance)

» Waterfall Mixer
(Line of Dance Mixer, Whirlpool Mixer)
» Snowball Mixer
(Amoeba Mixer, Lilypad Mixer)
» Birthday Jam
(Anniversary Jam, Birthday Pivots)

Group Dances

Other choreographed sequence dances.

(Choreographed Sequences
for Four Couples)

» Kerry Polka Sets
» Philadelphia Schottische Quadrilles

Tango Sequences

» Frio Tango
(Stanford Social Tango Sequence)
» The 2014 Tango

Vintage Social Dances

Reconstructions of social dances from the 19th century to present.

19th Century

Reconstructions of 19th century social dances.

Early 19th Century Couple Dances

» Ecossaise Walz
(Eccosoise Walzer, Ecossaisen Walzer)
» Rutscher
» Wiener Walz
(The Viennese Step)
» Hops-Walzer
(Ecossaise Walzer)

Mid to Late 19th Century Couple Dances


» The Waltz
(La Valse à Trois Temps, The Pivot Version)
» Leap Waltz
(Hop Waltz, Jeté Waltz, La Sauteuse)
» Redowa
Updated! » Polka Redowa
» Polka Mazurka
(Polka Mazourka, Spanish Mazurka)
» La Koska
(La Coska)
» La Carlowitzka
(Gitana Waltz)
» The Varsovienne
» The Newport
(The Ripple, La Mode)
» La Zingerilla
(The Original Zingarilla)
» Three-Slide Galop
(Three Step Galop, Le Galop a Trois Temps,
Le Galop a Trois Pas)

» La Hongroise
(Hungroise, La Valse Hungroise,
Hungarian Valse)

» The Society
» The New Waltz
(The Modern Waltz)


» The Polka
» La Esmeralda
(The Esmeralda, Esmerelda)
» Bohemian Polka
(Heel and Toe Polka)
» Combination Polka
» Zulma L'Orientale
» La Hongroise
(Hungroise, La Valse Hungroise,
Hungarian Valse)

Updated! » Cross Step Polka


» The Schottische
Updated! » Military Schottische
(Dancing in the Barn, Barn Dance,
Kentucky Jubilee, Star Schottische,
Pas de Quatre)

» Star Schottische
» Bronco Schottische
(Le Bronco, The Bronco)
» Columbia Schottische
(Columbia, The Columbia, La Columbia)


» Waltz Galop
» Ripple Galop
» The Jersey
(Ripple Combination, The Knickerbocker)
» The Puritan Waltz
(The Puritan Galop, The Jubilee)
» Hecla Galop

Valse à Deux Temps

» Valse à Deux Temps

Valse à Cinq Temps

Updated! » Five Step Waltz
(La Valse à Cinq Temps, Waltz in 5/4 Time)

Opening and Closing Dances

» The Grand March
(The March, Grand Promenade,
Polonaise, Opening March)

» Sir Roger De Coverley
(The Virginia Reel)
(Sir Roger De Coverly, Roger of Coverly,
The Finishing Dance, The Haymakers)


Double Circle

» Sicilian Circle
» Spanish Dance
» Soldier's Joy
» Circassian Circle

Triple Circle

» Rustic Reel
(Favorite Rustic Reel)


» Paul Jones
(Circle Two-Step, Round Two-Step
Grand Right and Left Figure, Nantucket)

» Snowball
(All Up, Amoeba Mixer, Lilypad Mixer)
» Exchange of Partners
(Exchange of Ladies, Change of Ladies,
Le Changement De Dames)

» Nine-Pin
(Nine-Pin Quadrille, Nine-Pin Figure,
The Ninepins, Prisoner, Wild Irishman,
Miss Tucker, Old Dan Tucker
Kogel Quadrille, Skittle Quadrille)

20th Century

Reconstructions of 20th century social dances.

Turn of the Century

Sequence Dances

» St. George's Waltz (1896)
» The Victoria Cross Two-Step (1898)
Updated! » The Veleta (1900)
» The Normal (1900)
» The International (1903)
» The Hiawatha (1903)
» Latonka (1903)
» The Maxim Glide (1903)
» Waltz Majestic (1903)
» Eva Three-Step (1904)
» Le Militaire (1905)
» Boston Two-Step (1908)
NEW » Lamora (1908)
NEW » The Magnet (1908)
NEW » The Territorial Two-Step (1908)
NEW » Waltz Amelia (1908)
NEW » White City Two-Step (1908)
The American Boy (1909)
» Latchford Schottische (1909)
» Valse Superbe (1909)

The 1910s

Couple Dances

» Texas Tommy (c. 1910)
NEW » Half and Half (1914)
(in 5/4 Time)
» El Tango Argentino (1916)
(as taught by Nicanor M. Lima
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1916)
(Large page ~ 53 MB)

» Early Tango (1910s)
(Large page ~ 1 GB)

Sequence Dances

» Military Parade (1913)
» Loyal (1915)
» The Allies Two-Step (1915)
Updated! » The Allies' Waltz (1917)
» Lulu Fox-Trot (1917)
» Over the Top (1918)
» Tango Waltz (1919)
» The Festival Two-Step (1920)
» Evolution of the Skaters Schottische (1890 to 1954)
(The Skaters, The Gaiety Dance,
The Ostende, The Castle Schottische,
The Salty Dog Rag)

The 1920s

Couple Dances

» 1920s Parisian Blues
& 1930s French Valse Boston

» Early Lindy Hop (1928)
(1928 Lindy Hop, Single Lindy Hop, Breakaway)

Sequence Dances

» Royal Empress Tango (1922)
» Lola Tango (1923)
» Square Tango (1924)
» Tango Creole (1924)
» The Original Footloose Strut (1925)

The 1930s

Couple Dances

» The Conga (1930s)
NEW » The Moochi (1930)
(Foxtrot in 3/2 Time)
NEW » The Seven Step (1930)
(in 7/4 Time)

Sequence Dances

» The Trek (1938)
» Boomps-A-Daisy (1939)
» The Black Out Stroll (1939)

Group Dances

» The Palais Glide (1935)

The 1950s

Couple Dances

» Merengue (1950s)
» Rock 'n' Roll (1950s)
» Bandstand Waltz (1950s)

Group Dances

» The Bunny Hop (1952)

The 1960s

Couple Dances

» Tijuana Brass Style (1967)
» Bump Ball Dancing (1968)

Group Dances

» Letkiss (1963)

The 1970s

Couple Dances

» The Bump (1970s)

If you or your community is interested in learning any of these dances, .

For more, including descriptions of 25 different waltzes and hundreds of variations thereof, see Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living a book by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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