The Bunny Hop



The Bunny Hop is a 1950s novelty dance invented by the students of Balboa High School in San Francisco in the spring of 1952. Upon hearing of the dance, bandleader Ray Anthony wrote a tune to accompany it, and a timeless dance craze was born [TM53].

A decade later, the Bunny Hop was revived in the form of the Finnish Letkiss.

The Dance

The Footwork

Point right toe out to side twice (1, 2), point left toe out to side twice (3, 4). Then jump straight forward with both feet (5), jump back with both feet (6), and jump forward with both feet three times (7, and, 8) [NS52, PI53, RA53, CR55]. A more exuberant version replaces the toe points with kicks [RA53, LW57].

The Formation

The Bunny Hop is danced in a single file line, with your hands on the waist of the dancer in front of you [NS52, PI53, CR55, LW57].

The Music

Here are the original Ray Anthony recordings (both vocal and instrumental) for the dance:


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For more, including descriptions of 25 different waltzes and hundreds of variations thereof, see Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living a book by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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