The Dream Waltz Mixer


Choreographed by Major Cecil H. Taylor. Adapted into a mixer by Richard Powers.

The Music

Any rotary waltz tune with continual eight-bar phrases.

The Formation

Couples in a circle, standing side by side facing line of dance, holding inside hands, Follow on the right.

The Figure

1 bar: Starting with outside feet, run forward three steps, swinging the hands forward.

1 bar: Run forward three steps, swinging the hands back.

2 bars: Rollaway, with the Lead waltzing counterclockwise and the Follow waltzing clockwise, in parallel.

4 bars: Catch partners on the fly for 4 bars of rotary waltz.

1 bars: Promenade one step forward, then brush the inside foot forward on count 2.

1 bar: Promenade three steps forward, starting with the inside foot.

2 bar: Slow Follow's underarm turn. In the mixer version, she waltzes solo forward to meet the next Lead as he turns back to catch the next Follow.

4 bars: Catch new partners on the fly for 4 bars of rotary waltz. Open up at the end and smoothly slide down to inside hands, swinging them forward into the repeat.


If you or your community is interested in learning to waltz, .

For more, including descriptions of 25 different waltzes and hundreds of variations thereof, see Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living a book by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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