Movie Waltz Mixer

The Music

Any rotary waltz tune with continual eight-bar phrases.

The Formation

Couples in a circle, evenly spaced, in waltz position, Leads facing out ready to commence rotary waltz.

The Figure

4 bars: Four bars of rotary waltz.

2 bars: Two bars of movie waltzing, i.e., balance along LOD, and against LOD. (The balance can be a side-close-close, or a side-rock-step.)

2 bars: The Follow waltzes solo along LOD, under the Lead's raised arm (an outside turn). The Lead stays in place, turning back against LOD to invite the next Follow into the waltz.

If you or your community is interested in learning to waltz, .

For more, including descriptions of 25 different waltzes and hundreds of variations thereof, see Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living a book by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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