Salsa & Cha Cha



S = Salsa          C = Cha Cha

» Basic (S, C)

Break Steps
» Fallaway Breaks (Body Catch) (S, C)
» Fallaway Breaks (Hand Catch) (C)
» Crossover Breaks (Rollaway Exit) (C)
» Crossover Breaks (Spot Turn Exit) (C)
» Side Breaks (S)

Spot Turns
» Spot Turn (One Hand) (S, C)
» Spot Turn (Closed Position) (C)
» Dishrag Sunburst (S, C)
» He Goes, She Goes (S)
» Behind-the-Back Hand Change (S)
» Behind-the-Back Hand Change, Spot Turn (S)
» Double Spot Turn (S)
» Chained Spot Turns (S)
» Chained Spot Turns, Arch Turn Free Spin (S)
» She Goes, He Goes, She Goes (S)

Turns Down the Tracks
» Inside Turn (S, C)
» Outside Turn (S, C)
» Double Outside Turn (S)
» Double Inside Turn (S)
» Triple Inside Turn (S)
» Braced R-in-R Outside Turn (S)
» Braced R-in-R Free Spin (S)
» Braced R-in-R Rollaway (S)
» Braced R-in-R Turn Combo (S)
» Braced R-in-R Double Turn Combo (C)
» Shoulder Catch (S)
» Shoulder Catch, Double Inside Turn (S)
» Right Side Outside Turn
» Right Side Free Spin

Cross-Body Leads
» Cross-Body Lead (S, C)
» Repeated Cross-Body Lead (S)
» Cross-Body Lead, Spot Turn (S)
» Cross-Body Lead, Crossover Break, Spot Turn (S, C)
» Cross-Body Inside Turn (S, C)
» Cross-Body Lead, Texas Tommy (S)
» Cross-Body Dishrag, He Goes, She Goes (S)
» Dishrag, Cross-Body Inside Turn (S)
» Double Cross-Body Inside Turn (S)

Lead's Arch Turn
» Arch Turn Side Pass (S)
» Arch Turn Free Spin (S)
» Arch Turn, Cradle, Double Outside Turn (S)

Two-Handed Figures
» Cradle (In and Out) (S)
» Loop-de-Loops (Chained Inside Turns) (S)
» Matador, Double Inside Turn (S)

Crossed-Handed Figures
» Sombrero (S, C)
» Crossed-Hand Matador (S)
» Crossed-Hand Matador, Cross-Body Lead (S)
» Crossed-Hand Cross-Body Outside Turn (S)
» Crossed-Hand Cross-Body Outside Turn, Arch Turn Free Spin (S)
» Shoulder Catch, Free Spin (S)
» Sweetheart (In and Out) (S)
» Sweetheart (Back and Forth) (S)
» Sweetheart (Back and Forth) with Mixmaster Exit (S)
» Windows (S)
» Windows with Face Loop Exit (S)
» Mixmaster (S)
» Sweetheart, Windows, Mixmaster Combo (S)

» Copa (S)
» Free Copa (S)
» Rainbow Copa (S)
» Double Rainbow Copa (S)

WCS-Inspired Figures
» Whip (S)
» Cradle Whip (S)
» Goofy Hand Free Spin (S)

Tango-Inspired Figures
» Ochos (S)
» Ochos (Follow's Solo) (S)
» Ochos (Counter Crossing) (S)

Dips and Tricks
» Cross-Body Lead Dip (S)
» Arch Turn Free Spin Dip (S)
» Face-to-Face Side Dip (S)

Shine Steps
» The Chase (S, C)
» Spot Turn (S)
» Reverse Spot Turn (S)
» Cross on 3, Turn 5-6-7 (S)
» Cross on 5, Turn 6-7 (S)

Hand Styling
» Mirrored J-Stroke (S)
» Parallel J-Stroke (S)
» Circular Hands (S)
» Lead's Face Loop (S)

Alternate Timings
» Break on 2 (C)

Salsa Music

Here are a few of our favorite Salsa tunes, arranged by tempo.

Cha Cha Music

Here are a few of our favorite Cha Cha tunes, arranged by tempo.

Related Dances

Latin Waltz

Latin Waltz is Salsa in even 3/4 timing (1-2-3, 4-5-6).

All variations of Salsa work in Latin Waltz, and vice versa.


Chalypso is a kind of vernacular Cha-Cha as danced by American teenagers in the late 1950s and 1960s.

» Basics
» Additional variations, as described by Richard Powers

If you or your community is interested in learning Salsa or Cha Cha, .

For more, including descriptions of 25 different waltzes and hundreds of variations thereof, see Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living a book by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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