Social Dance at UT Austin

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Practice Music

Here you'll find Spotify playlists of practice music
for the dances we teach in the social dance classes at UT Austin.

To submit music for class credit (or just for fun!), click here.

Table of Contents

Country Dances

» Two Step
» One Step
» Triple Two Step

Club Dances

» Nightclub Two Step
» West Coast Swing

Swing Dances

» Six Count Swing
» Four Count Swing
» Lindy Hop + Triple Step Swing
» Foxtrot
» Balboa (Fall '17)


» Rotary Waltz
» Cross-Step Waltz
» Polka
» Redowa + Mazurka
» Schottische (Fall '18)
» Mazurka Clandestina (Fall '17)

Latin Dances

» Merengue
» Bachata
» Salsa
» Cha Cha
» Tango
» Rumba

African Dances

» Kizomba (Spring '18)
» Sokkie (Spring '18)

Country Two Step Music

Country One Step Music

Triple Two Step Music

Nightclub Two Step Music

West Coast Swing Music

Six Count Swing Music

Four Count Swing Music

Lindy Hop + Triple Step Swing Music

Foxtrot Music

Balboa Music

Rotary Waltz Music

Cross-Step Waltz Music

Polka Music

Redowa + Mazurka Music

Schottische Music

Mazurka Clandestina Music

Merengue Music

Bachata Music

Salsa Music

Cha Cha Music

Tango Music

Rumba Music

Kizomba Music

Sokkie Music

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