Social Dance at UT Austin

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Demo Videos

Here you'll find demo videos for the dance variations
we teach in the social dance classes at UT Austin.

Links to the YouTube playlist for each dance
will be added as soon as we cover them in class.

For videos from Fall 2018, click here.

Beginning Social Dance (12 pm and 1 pm)

» 't Smidje
» Swing (Four Count, Six Count, and Triple Step)
» Country (Shuffle)
» Waltz (Rotary and Cross-Step)
» Nightclub Two Step
» Review Day
» Tango
» Bachata and Merengue
» Salsa
» West Coast Swing

Intermediate Social Dance B (2 pm)

» Swing (Charleston and Lindy Hop)
» Cross-Step Waltz
» Merengue
» Country (Progressive, Shuffle, and Rhythm)
» Review Day
» Tango
» Special Dance: Hustle
» Polka
» Choreography: Romany Polka

Intermediate Social Dance A (3 pm)

» Nightclub Two Step
» Foxtrot
» Waltz (Rotary, Reverse, and Redowa)
» Special Dance: Contra
» Review Day
» Choreography: Kerry Sets
» Bachata
» Salsa and Cha Cha
» West Coast Swing

Dance Lab (Fridays)

» Mini-Lessons

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