Cross-Step Waltz Mixer

(Cross-Step Waltz Rueda)


The Cross-Step Waltz Mixer is an easy waltz mixer composed by Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas.

The Position

Closed position, Lead facing out.

The Dance

Parts I & II - Cross-Step Waltz (4 bars): Two full turns of cross-step waltz, with the Lead staying in place and the Follow opening out to the right side of the Lead on the fourth bar, taking hands in a large circle at the end.

Part III - Balance In and Out (2 bars): As a circle, forward three steps to the center, and back three toward outside wall. These in and out steps are a good opportunity to fix the circle, if there are any spacing issues. For example, if the circle is getting smaller, take larger backing steps to spread the circle out again. A sociable tradition is to look at your next partner when going in, and your previous partner when going out.

Part IV - Change Partners (2 bars): An inside turn for the Follow in front of the next Lead in three steps, ending with her ahead of him along LOD, facing out. She then tosses across to the outside lane in three steps to take closed position. For both partners, count 1 of Part IV is a cross step into your partner's place. From there, simply track your partner.

Repeat from the beginning.

Cross-Step Waltz Rueda

Cross-Step Waltz Rueda refers to a Cross-Step Waltz Mixer that has different cross-step waltz variations added, lead-follow freestyle, in place of Parts I & II.

The Music

Any cross-step waltz waltz with continual eight-bar phrases.

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