The Jersey

(Ripple Combination, The Knickerbocker)


Contemporary Description

The Position

Waltz position throughout.

The Footwork

Two Waltz Galops, plus one Ripple Galop, i.e. "Back, side-close / front, side-close / back, side-close, side-close, side-close, repeat opposite."*

It's essentially a play on the Esmeralda, with Waltz Galops and Ripple Galops instead of Polkas and Galops (and the order inverted, 2+2+4 instead of 4+2+2). If desired, the Jersey can also be inverted, with the Ripple Galop first, making it even more similar to the Esmeralda.

* Lopp 1903 describes a different dance called Le Jersey, which combines two measures of Galop and two measures of Newport, in alternating 2/4 and 3/4 time.

The Music

Galop or Schottische music.

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Historical Descriptions

The Jersey (Gilbert, 1890):

Waltz-Galop two measures, 1, & 2, 3, & 4. Two measures a la Newport. 1, & 2, & 3, & 4.

Ripple Combination (Gilbert, 1890):

For description see the Jersey.

The Knickerbocker (Masters) (Gilbert, 1890):

Waltz-Galop one measure, 1, & 2, 3, & 4. One measure a la Newport, 1, & 2, & 3, & 4.

Le Jersey (Lopp, 1903):

Tempo 2/4 allegro et 3/4 Mazurka

Faire deux mesures de galop . . . 2 mesures.

Puis deux mesures de new-port . . . 2 mesures.

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