Movie Waltz Mixer


The Movie Waltz Mixer is an easy waltz mixer composed by Nick and Melissa Enge to help their students at UT practice rotary waltz.

The Position

Closed position, Lead facing out.

The Dance

Parts I & II - Waltz (4 bars): Two full turns of right-turning rotary waltz.

Part III - Movie Waltz (2 bars): Two bars of movie waltzing, i.e., balance along LOD, and against LOD. The balance can be a side-close-close, or a side-rock-step. During Part III, you can adjust your orientation if necessary (e.g., if you've underturned the waltz section).

Part IV - Underarm Turn (2 bars): The Follow waltzes solo along LOD under the Lead's raised arm (an outside turn). The Lead stays in place, turning slightly against LOD to invite the next Follow into Part I.

Repeat from the beginning.

The Music

Any rotary waltz with continual eight-bar phrases.

© 2016, 2018 Nick Enge

If you or your community is interested in learning to waltz, .

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