Quaker Hill Circle



Quaker Hill Circle is a progressive circle dance (in which couples mix with other couples), described in Ed Durlacher's Square Dances (1946).

The Formation

A double circle of couples, with sets of two couples facing each other, the Follow always on the right, so everyone is facing someone of the opposite role.

The Dance

Circle left
Circle right
Ladies chain
Ladies chain back
Do-si-do your opposite
Do-si-do your partner
Forward and back
Forward and through

Take hands four and circle to the left (8 counts). Then circle to the right back home (8 counts). It doesn't matter exactly how far you travel as long as you travel the same distance on both circles and make it back home.

Follows take right hands and wheel halfway around clockwise to take left hands with opposites, who put right hands around their waists and turns them halfway around counterclockwise to face other couple again (8 counts). Repeat that to regain partner and position (8 counts).

Do-si-do opposite by walking around them without turning, passing right shoulders forward, passing back to back, and passing left shoulders backward (8 counts). Then turn to face partner and do-si-do partner (8 counts).

Taking inside hands with partner, approach opposites (4 counts), then fall back to place (4 counts). Approach again, but this time, pass through by the right shoulder to approach a different couple, the next couple that was facing the same ways as your previous opposites in the circle (8 counts).

Repeat as many times as desired, dancing with new opposites each time.

The Music

"Quaker Hill Circle" is the intended tune, but any square, walking tempo tune will do.


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