Square Tango

(England, 1924)

Contemporary Description

This is an early Tango sequence dance from England in 1924, composed entirely from Ragtime Tango variations, as reconstructed by Richard Powers and taught at Stockton Folk Dance Camp 1994.

The Position

Waltz position.

The Dance

The dance is composed of eight parts of 2 bars (4 slow counts) each, for a total of 16 bars (32 slow counts).

Part 1: Back the Follow four slow steps along LOD.

Part 2: A full SQQ box step, forward and back.

Part 3: Side toward center of room and close without weight, then side toward outside wall and close without weight.

Part 4: A full SQQ left-turning box step, traveling along LOD.

Parts 5 and 6: A Follow backing Tango Chassé (SSQQ), closing diagonally forward to the center of the room on the QQ. Repeat (SSQQ), then back the Follow two more steps (SS).

Part 7: Back the Lead to center of room two steps, dipping on the second, the repeat opposite, backing the Follow toward the outside wall.

Part 8: Rocking Turn 3/4 to the right to face LOD, then back the Lead one step against LOD.

Repeat from the the beginning.

© 2017 Nick Enge

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