Star Schottische


Contemporary Description

The Position

First half in half-closed position:

Second half in waltz position.

The Footwork

Begin with Lead and Follow side-by-side in half closed position (waltz position with the held hands released, so that partners are beside each other), facing forward along LOD.

1-2-3-4: Run three steps forward along LOD (counts 1, 2, 3), starting on outside feet (Lead's left, Follow's right), then hop on outside feet on count 4.

5-6-7-8: Similarly, run three steps forward along LOD (5, 6, 7) starting on inside feet, then hop on inside feet (8), with the Lead turning clockwise on the final step and hop, preparing to back in front of the Follow, across LOD, on count 9. As he comes around in front, they take closed waltz position for the second half of the sequence.

1 &2, 3 &4, 5&6, 7&8: Four Waltz Galops.

© 2015 Nick Enge

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Historical Descriptions

Star Schottische (Gilbert, 1890):

Position, the same as Military Schottische. Three running steps forward, 1, 2, 3; hop on the foot which carries the weight of the body at the third count, 4; one measure. Repeat, commencing with the disengaged foot. 1, 2, 3, 4; in all, two measures At the end of the second measure take waltz position and Waltz-Galop two measures. Recommence as at first.

By permission of W. F. Mittman.

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