Czech Welcome Dance


A Czech folk dance presented by Jitka Bonušová at Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2016.

The Music

Any lively tune in 4/4 with continual eight-bar phrases.

The Formation

Outside circles of Follows facing in toward an inside circle of Leads facing out.

The Figure

4 bars: Clap hands (count 1), then pattycake hands to partner (count 2). Clap hands again, then pattycake next partner (one person to the left). Repeat a total of 8 times. The Leads' circle moves counterclockwise as the Follows' circle moves clockwise, with walking steps throughout.

4 bars: Swing (buzz step) ninth partner.

4 bars: Promenade (crossed hands) with this partner along LOD.

4 bars: Taking hands in a circle (Leads on the left), walk four steps in to center, and four steps back out. Walk four steps in again, then the Follow backs out as the Lead turns to face her.

Repeat from the beginning.

If you or your community is interested in learning this dance, .

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