Originating in the Dominican Republic, Bachata is now one of the most popular dances around the world.

While there are many different styles of Bachata, on this page, you'll find mostly variations for the contemporary side-to-side version that is popular around the world. This version is sometimes called Modern Bachata, to differentiate it from the box-step-based Dominican Bachata, or hybrid dances like Bachatango, Bacha-Zouk, and Bachata Sensual.

Bachata Demo Videos

» Basic
     » in 1, 2, 3, Cha-Cha Timing
     » in 1-and-3-4 Timing
» Box Step
» Forward Basic

» Outside Turn
» Inside Turn
» Outside Turn to Inside Turn
» Waist Slide, Inside Turn
» Dishrag
» Dishrag Sunburst
» Free Spins
» Rollaways
» Tandem (Parallel) Free Spins
» Matador

Crossed Hands
» Waist Slide, R-in-R Inside Turn
» Behind the Back Hand Change to Crossed Hands
» Behind the Back Hand Change, Double Face Loop
» Crossed-Hand Matador
» Crossed-Hand Double Face Loop

Sweetheart and Cradle
» Sweetheart Promenade
» Sweetheart Solo
» Sweetheart Solo Singles
» Cradle (In and Out)
» Cradle Promenade
» Cradle Solo
» Cradle Solo Singles

Follow's Solo
» Follow's Solo
» Follow's Solo (1-and-3-4 Timing)

Fancy Footwork
» Pivots
» Grapevine
» Ochos

» Touch and Go
» Step Touch
» Side Sways

Swing Moves
» Swing Moves

Footwork Stylings
» Touches Across

» Cross-Step Dip
» Break, Dip, and Pivot

Additional Bachata Demo Videos

Here are some additional Bachata demo videos, from our class assistants' mini-lessons at UT Austin:

Bachata Teaching Videos

For full instruction on many of these Bachata moves, as well as others, see our full Bachata course at the University of Dance:

Bachata Music

Here are some of our favorite Bachata songs, arranged by tempo:

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