and Bluesy Waltz



Closed Position

» Basic
      » with Shoulder Lead
      » with Hip Lead
» Turning Basic
» Forward Basic
» Zig Zag Basic

Walking Steps (Fours)
» Promenade
» Promenade (Half Closed)
» Promenade (Follow Backing)
» Promenade (Lead Backing)
» Molinete
» Double Hesitation
» Grapevine
» Pivots (in Place)

Walking Steps (Threes)
» Three Step Promenade
» Three Step Grapevine
» Pas Titubé
» Three Step Pivots

Cradle Position
» Inside Turn to Cradle
» Continuous Cradle

Open Position

» Cross-Body Lead to Open
» Pivots, Outside Turn to Open
» Cross-Body Inside Turn to Open

» Grooving in Open Position

Swing Moves
» Inside Turn
      » with Triples
» Outside Turn
      » with Triples
» Sugar Push
» Sugar Push to Goofy Hands
» Goofy Hand Free Spin
» Goofy Hand Free Spin with Hand Catch

» Sugar Pull to Closed
» Inside Turn to Closed

Dips & Tricks

» Side Step Dip
» Promenade Dip
» Inside Turn Dip
» Inside Turn Face Loop Dip
» Face Loop Dip
» Free Spin Dip

Side Dips
» Face to Face Side Dip

» Lunge
» Walkback Lunge
» Break Step Lunge

Monkey Bars
» Monkey Bars


» "Bloodstream" - Smooth
» "Thrift Shop" - Funky

» "Talk Dirty" - Side Sways

» Levels

For more variations, check out the Bluesy Waltz section below. Most variations can be adapted into Blues/Fusion, and vice versa.


A few of our favorite Blues/Fusion tunes, arranged by tempo.

Bluesy Waltz


Bluesy Waltz is the adaptation of Blues/Fusion dancing to music in 3/4 time.

Nick learned this style from Campbell Miller & Chris Mayer at Santa Clara Waltz Weekend 2011, and Nick & Melissa have continued to develop their own variations since then.


Closed Position

» Basic

» Waltz
» Hesitating Waltz

Zooming (Sixes)
» Promenade
» Grapevine
» Pivots

Hesitating (Fours)
» Promenade
» Peabody Position (Yale Position)
» Grapevine
      » to Inside Turn
      » to Cradle Position
» Pivots

Cradle Position
» Outside Turn to Open Position
» Double Outside Turn to Open Position
» Double Unwind to Open Position
» Deney Terrio's Double Unwind to Open Position

» Cross-Step Waltz (Ochos)
» Follow's Solo
      » Touches
      » Kicks
      » Sweeps
      » Feather Stitch
      » Fast Swivels
» Counter Crossing
      » Touches
      » Sweeps

Mazurka Clandestina (1-2, 4-5-6)
» Basic
» Pivots

Open Position

Swing Moves
» Waist Slide

» Waist Slide to Closed

Dips & Tricks

Sit Dips
» Sit Dip
» Genuflection Sit Dip
» Counterbalanced Sit Dip
» Weathervane Dip
» Weathervane Dip (with a Change in the Weather)

Side Dips
» Cradle Side Dip

Leg Flare
» Leg Flare

Faster Music

Basic Timing (1, 4)
» Basics (1, 4)

Canter Timing (1, 3)
» Four Step Grapevine (1-3, 4-6)
» Three Step Grapevine (1-3, 4)

For more variations, check out the Blues/Fusion section above. Most variations can be adapted into Bluesy Waltz, and vice versa.


Here are a few of our favorite Bluesy Waltz tunes, arranged by tempo.

© 2016 Nick Enge

If you or your community is interested in learning Blues, .

For more dance descriptions, see our three books on dancing:
The Book of Mixers: 100 Easy-Teach Dances for Getting Acquainted (2022) by Richard Powers and Nick & Melissa Enge,
Cross-Step Waltz: A Dancer's Guide (2019) by Richard Powers and Nick & Melissa Enge, and
Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living (2013) by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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