The Bump



The Bump is an easy disco couple dance that consists of the partners bumping various parts of their bodies together, e.g., their hips (14), shoulders (9), derrieres (6), knees (5), elbows (4), hands (4), backs (3), arms (2), legs (2), pelvises (2), chest (1), head (1), feet (1), or any combination thereof. (Body parts are listed by popularity of mention in the primary sources. The numbers in parentheses following each body part is the number of sources it is mentioned in.)

Where there are two options, you can bump your right to your partner's left, or your right to your partner's right. The same bump can repeat, you can alternate bumps (bump left hips, then bump right hips), or you can bump at random.

As described by Rolling Stone, "there are no steps: the feet are comfortably separated and pretty stationary, except when you need to move them to turn or keep your balance. The knees should be bent, the parts of the body not bumping should swing in the opposite direction from the part that's bumping, the whole body should be loose as a goose" [JW75]. Rosemary "Red" Hallum adds: "Literally 'anything goes.' Great body styling with all sorts of head, shoulder, arm, torso, hip, and foot movements can be used" [RH76].

The Dance

The Music

Here's a sampling of music recommended for the Bump:


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