Country Swing

General Description

Country Swing is a popular American partner dance which combines rapid-fire Swing moves with awe-inspiring dips and lifts and the anything goes attitude of Blues.


Swing Moves

» All Basic Swing Moves, plus:

Transitions to Open Position
» Pivots, Sendout
» Pivots, Outside Turn

Swing Out Hands (Left to Right)
» Waist Slide, Inside Turn
» Inside Turn with Lead's Free Spin
» Inside Turn, Rollaway
» Inside Turn, Parallel Free Spins
» Shoulder Catch
» Hammerlock Wheel, Face Loop
» Continuous Inside Turns (5x)
» Continuous Inside Turns (10x)

Goofy Hands (Right to Left)
» Yo Yo

Two Hands
» Double Face Loop, Behind the Back Hand Change
» Cradle
» Cradle Wheel
» Continuous Dishrag to Cradle
» Matador
» Matador Wheel
» Matador, Cradle
» Pretzel
» Matador, Pretzel, Cradle

Crossed Hands
» Tabletop
» Double Tabletop

Dips & Tricks

» Dip
      » to Free Spin
» Free Spin Dip
» Double Dip
» Side Dip
» Face to Face Side Dip
      » to Dip
» Cradle Side Dip
» Back Bend
» Genuflection Dip
» Shadow Dip
» Around the World Genuflection Sit Dip

» Hip Lift
» Horizontal Lift
» Lifted Dip

If you or your community is interested in learning country swing, .

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