(Traveling Foxtrot, Magic Step)


This is the classic, traveling slow-slow-quick-quick Foxtrot, which Arthur Murray called the Magic Step.


» Basic (Promenade)
» Basic (Follow Backing)

» Underarm Turn
» Free Spin
» Rollaway
» Rollaway, Underarm Turn

» Pivot
» Continuous Pivots
» SSQQ Pivots, Pivot Turn

Zig Zag (Park Avenue)
» Zig Zag
» Zig Zag with Pivot
» Zig Zag with Pivot and Reverse Pivot

Rocking Steps
» Rocking Step (Chassé Molinete)
» Fred and Ginger Side Sway

» Transition to and from Six Count Swing


Here are a few of our favorite Foxtrot tunes, arranged by tempo.

Six Count Swing

All variations in Six Count Swing can be added to Foxtrot, using the transition above.


Quickstep is a faster version of Foxtrot.

Country Two Step

Country Two Step is a follow-backing version of Foxtrot done to faster country music. It starts on the quick-quicks.

Cross-Step Foxtrot

Cross-Step Foxtrot is Cross-Step Waltz in slow-quick-quick timing, and can be danced to Foxtrot music. All Cross-Step Waltz variations work.

Box Step Foxtrot

Box Step Foxtrot is a different kind of Foxtrot, done in slow-quick-quick timing to slower music.

Finnish Tango

Finnish Tango is Foxtrot done to Tango music.

If you or your community is interested in learning Foxtrot, .

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