The Frug



The Frug (pronounced "froog") is a 1960s dance step which is essentially just a shaking of the hips.

It rose to national prominence in 1964, helped in part by the fact that it was danced by the first daughter, Luci B. Johnson.

It is often used as the "footwork" for arm-based dances like the Swim and the Hitch-Hiker.

The Dance

To dance the Frug, stand with your weight on one foot, then bend and straighten the other knee in time with the music, causing the hips to swing side to side. For example, if you are standing on your left foot, when you bend your right knee, your left hip will pop out, and when you straighten your right knee, your right hip will pop out. Do this in time with the quick beat of the music.

The Frug can be danced with your weight on one foot the whole time [HB66], or on alternating feet, perhaps shifting weight every four counts [DB65].

The Hullabaloo version has the hands alternating front and back at waist height, with each hand taking two beats in front and two beats behind, the right hand in front when the left is behind, and vice versa [HB66]. Dick Blake's version has both hands behind the back, and bends forward 45° at the waist for four counts, then returns to standing upright for four counts [DB65].

The Music

The Frug can be danced to pretty much any 1960s dance tune.


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