Kizomba is an African social dance which originated in Angola in the late 20th century, having evolved from the earlier Angolan dance, Semba.

The lyrics of most Kizomba songs (as well as the names of classic steps like Saída) are in Portuguese, the official language of Angola.


» Three-Step Basic with Full Count
» Doubled Three-Step Basic with Half Count

Saída Chica & Variations
» Saída Chica
» Ocho

Saída Chico & Variations
» Saída Chico
» Blocos Perpendiculares

Turning Steps
» Virgula
» Volta

Dips & Tricks
» Vine Dip
» Around the World Back Bend


Here are a few of our favorite Kizomba tunes, arranged by tempo.

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If you or your community is interested in learning Kizomba, .

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