Lindy Hop

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Lindy Hop evolved out of Early Lindy in the early 1930s.


Swingout Variations
» Swingout
» Lead's Underarm Turn
» Inside Turn
» Outside Turn
» Free Spin
» Texas Tommy
» Swingout to Lindy Circle

Lindy Circle Variations
» Lindy Circle
» Lindy Circle to Swingout
» Liquid

» Cross-Body Sendout
» Cross-Body Inside Turn Sendout
» Trebuchet Sendout
» Tuck Double Outside Turn
» Tuck Outside Turn and Free Spin
» Tuck Double Free Spin

Double Rock Step Variations
» Follow's Inside Turn, Lead's Waist Slide
» Follow's Inside Turn, Lead's Underarm Turn
» Loop-de-Loops (Chained Inside Turns)
» Sliding Doors, Surprise Free Spin
» Revolving Doors, Surprise Free Spin
» Toss Across (Flip Flops)

Sweet Lindy
» Catch and Return
» Catch and Return, Outside Turn
» Catch and Return, Inside Turn

Added Styling
» Follow's Hand Wave

Foot Substitutions
» Kick Ball Change
» Heel Rock
» Lead's Ba Dum
» Lead's Flying Home
» Just Step on 7

Elements of Musicality
» Stop on 5
» Stop on 5 to Fix the Timing
» Sugar Push to Fix the Timing

» Tuck Turn to Triple Step Swing
» Stop on 5 to Triple Step Swing
» Inside Turn to Triple Step Swing


Here are a few of our favorite Lindy Hop tunes, arranged by tempo.

Related Dances

Lindy Charleston

Lindy Charleston (Charleston Kick) variations are often added to Lindy Hop.

Triple Step Swing

All variations in Triple Step Swing can be danced alongside Lindy Hop, using the transitions above.

If you or your community is interested in learning Lindy Hop, .

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