The Maxim Glide

(Indiana, 1903)

General Description

This is an easy double-length (32 count) schottische sequence devised by Oskar Duenzeg of Terre Haute, IN in 1903.

The Position

Half closed (military schottische) position, both partners facing line of dance.

The Steps

Part I - Balance and Promenade (8 counts): Step forward on outside feet (1), rock back on inside feet (3), and run forward three steps on outside feet (5, 6, 7).

Part II - Balance and Promenade (8 counts): Repeat on inside feet.

Part II - Two Step (16 counts): Close up to waltz position and dance four full turns of turning Two-Step.

The Music

While no specific music is suggested, the dance is said to be in schottische time.


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