The Moochi

(Foxtrot in 3/2 Time)



The Moochi is a fun couple dance introduced by Robert Sielle and Annette Mills in 1930 (and brought to the US by Dorothy Cropper). It is essentially a form of Foxtrot in 3/2 time, which allows you to dance a figure with three slow steps (or two slow and two quick, or four quick and one slow) without dancing across the phrasing of the music, as you usually would when the music is in 4/4 [RD14, QT31].

At the time, it was said to have been adapted from a Zulu war dance [CB31]. The name Moochi comes the Zulu mutsha, meaning loin-cloth [IW31].

The Dance

As a general style note, the slow steps are often described as having a double motion, first stepping on the ball of the foot (1), then dropping the heel to the floor (and). In addition, one source notes that "when proficient" the "slight parallel turning of the feet" that appears in the Moochi Twist can also be applied to the Walk, Chassé Zig Zag, and first two steps of the Moochi [RS30].

The Music

Music in 3/2 time, for example, "The Moochi," recorded by Jack Payne & His Orchestra:


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If you or your community is interested in learning the Moochi, .

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