The Puritan Waltz

(The Puritan Galop, The Jubilee)

Contemporary Description

The Position

Walking steps in half-closed position.

Waltz Galops in waltz position.

The Footwork

The Calm (4 bars)

In half-closed position, walk forward four slow steps (one step per bar).

The Fluke (4 bars)

Take waltz position and Waltz Galop four measures.

Repeat The Calm and The Fluke (8 bars)*

* Although not specified, I like to reverse the second Fluke, turning to the left, to add contrast (and symmetry) to the next part.

The Gale (16 bars)

Waltz Galop sixteen bars, reversing every four bars.

This means three bars turning to the right, then one bar Follow backing, plus three bars turning to the left, then one bar Lead backing, and repeat both.

The Music

Galop or Schottische music.

The Origin

Gilbert 1890 and Lopp 1903 both cite E. W. Masters of Boston as the originator.

Related Dances

Incorporates the Waltz Galop.

Bronco Schottische is similar in that it is also a complex sequence incorporating the Waltz Galop.

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Historical Descriptions

The Puritan Waltz (Gilbert, 1890):

First Part:—Position, the same as Military schottische.

The Calm.

Walk forward four measures, one step to a measure.

The Fluke.

Take waltz position, and Waltz-Galop four measures. Repeat both movements; in all, eight measures.

The Gale.

Second Part:—Waltz-Galop sixteen measures, reversing every four measures. Recommence at first part.

By permission of E. W. Masters.

The Jubilee (Gilbert, 1890):

For description, see Puritan Waltz.

Le Puritan Galop (Lopp, 1903):

Par E. W. Masters.

Tempo 2/4. Allegro. 1re Partie.

Même position que dans la polka talon et pointe.

Le cavalier partant du pied gauche, la danseuse part du droit. Faire quatre pas en avant en faisant un pas par mesure . . . 4 mesures.

Ceci fait, prendre la position de valse, et danser quatre mesures de valse galop . . . 4 mesures.

Reprendre le tout, ce qui fait huit mesures . . . 8 mesures.

2e Partie.

Faire 16 mesures de valse galop en dansant quatre mesures à droite et quatre mesures à gauche . . . 16 mesures.

Reprendre la 1re partie.

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