"Ma was delighted with her trip, but she was disgusted with the girls
for allowing me to embrace and kiss them — and she was horrified
at the Schottische as performed by Miss Castle and me. She was
perfectly willing for me to dance until 12 o'clock at the imminent
peril of my going to sleep on the after watch — but then she would
top off with a very inconsistent sermon on dancing in general; ending
with a terrific broadside aimed at the heresy of heresies, the Schottische."

— Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain
Letter to Orion Clemens, March 18, 1861

Contemporary Schottische


Since it was first described in the mid-19th century, Schottische has remained a popular folk dance tradition around the world.


» The Original Schottische
» Turning Basic
» Walking Schottische
» Cast Away

Stationary Variations
» Around the World
» Around the World with Genuflection
» Wheel

Turn Variations
» Double Underarm Turn
» Cross-Body Inside Turn
» Pivaloop Outside Turn
» Pivaloop Around the World

Pivot Variations
» Pivots, Outside Turn
» Pivots, Free Spin
» Pivots, Rollaway
» Continuous Pivots

Shadow Variations
» Pivots, Outside Turn to Shadow Position
» Shadow at His Right to Hammerlock at His Left
» Hammerlock at His Left to Skaters at His Left
» Skaters at His Left to Hammerlock at His Right
» Hammerlock at His Right to Skaters at His Right
» Face Loop Exit from Skaters
» Mixmaster (Part I)
» Mixmaster (Part II)
» Windmill

Role Reversal Schottische
» Role Reversal Schottische (Part I)
» Role Reversal Schottische (Part II)


Here are a few of our favorite Schottische tunes, arranged by tempo.

If you or your community is interested in learning Schottische, .

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