Social Tango

(American Tango)

For an explanation of what we mean by "social tango,"
see "The Tango Family Tree" by Richard Powers.


» Five Step Promenade (Changing Hands)
» Five Step Promenade (Scorpion Position)
» Backing Fan (American Tango Basic)
» Backing Left Turn Fan
» Promenade Left Turn Fan (Social Tango Basic)
» Promenade Right Turn Fan
» Trouble Step (False Step Corte Fan)
» Lead's Rocking Left Turn Fan
» Follow's Rocking Right Turn Fan
» Lead's Grapevine Fan
» Follow's Grapevine Fan
» Side Sway Fan

Walking Steps
» Scorpion Side Steps
» Scorpion Side Steps (Long Version)
» Promenade Scorpion Side Steps
» Rueda
» Pomander Turn
» "Advanced" Tango (Not Matching Partner)

Chassé Timing
» Tango Chassé
» Grapevine (Chassé Timing) (see "Grapevines")
» Molinete (Chassé Timing) (see "Rocking Steps")
» Rocking Promenade (Chassé Timing) (see "Rocking Steps")
» Pivots (Chassé Timing) (see "Pivots")

» Grapevine with Dive Bomb Exit
» Long Grapevine
» Grapevine (Chassé Timing)
» Grapevine (Off the Music)
» Grapevine (Follow Only)
» Drunken Grapevine
» Grapevine Rueda
» Backled Grapevine Ochos Hijack

» Single Ocho
» Multiple Ochos
» Promenade to Ochos
» Follow's Solo
     » Touches
     » Kicks
     » Sweeps
     » Feather Stitch
     » Fast Swivels

Media Luna
» Media Luna
» Repeated Media Luna
» Media Luna and Five Step Promenade

Media Lunas (Puzzle Steps)
» Three Step Promenade (from Empress Tango)
» Media Luna Sanjuanina (Box Step)
» Media Luna Puntana (Rocking Box)
» Media Luna Lola (Trapezoid Box)

Rocking Steps
» Molinete
» Molinete (Chassé Timing)
» Single Rocking Corte
» Double Rocking Corte
» Backing Rocking Corte
» Rockaway Lunge
» Rockaway Lunge (Follow's Solo Version)
» Rocking Promenade (Chassé Timing)

» Pivots (Chassé Timing)
» Pivots out of a Dip

Added Styling
» Frotado
» Lead's Shoe Polishing
» Lead's Heel Rap
» Using All the Time to Close
» Silence

Tango Endings
» Side Step Dip (on 1)
» Cross-Step Dip (on 3)
» Promenade Dip (on 4)
» Inside Turn Cradle Lunge
» Intensifying Rocking Corte Dip
» Dip after the Music Ends
» Grapevine Dip
» Backled Dip from Ochos

Collaborative Partnering
» Collaborative Partnering

» Innovation

Alternate Timings
» Tango Vals (Vals Cruzado)
      a.k.a. Hesitation Waltz
» Fast One Step Tango


» Tango Practice Sequence (Frio Tango)
» The One Step Tango
» The Skater's Tango
» The 2014 Tango
» Frotado Tango


Here are a few of our favorite Social Tango tunes, arranged by tempo.

If you or your community is interested in learning Social Tango, .

For more dance descriptions, see our three books on dancing:
The Book of Mixers: 100 Easy-Teach Dances for Getting Acquainted (2022) by Richard Powers and Nick & Melissa Enge,
Cross-Step Waltz: A Dancer's Guide (2019) by Richard Powers and Nick & Melissa Enge, and
Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living (2013) by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

For full-length teaching videos, visit: University of Dance.

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