Wiener Walz

(The Viennese Step)

(1820s - 1830s)

Contemporary Description

The Position

Waltz position throughout.

Lead begins facing LOD, Follow against LOD.

The Footwork

1: The Lead steps forward with his right foot as the Follow steps back with her left foot, rotating 90° clockwise.

3: The Lead clicks his right heel to his left heel sideways along LOD. The Follow clicks her left heel to her right heel sideways along LOD. Note: Of course, after the heel click, the clicking heel returns to the ground. In terms of weight changes, a heel click is like a hop on the clicking foot, although you hop slightly early, to click exactly on the count.

4-5-6: The Lead steps back across LOD with his left on count 4, and the Follow steps forward along LOD with her right, to dance the first three counts of a rotary waltz, turning clockwise to get into position for the next count 1.

The Music

Music in fast 3/4 time.

Related Dances

The Hops-Walzer is the Wiener Walz in 2/4 time.

© 2015 Nick Enge

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