Social Dance at UT Austin

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Notes on Registration

We're excited that you want to join us in learning social dance!

Here are a few notes that will help you register.

Beginning Social Dance (TTh, 12 pm or 1 pm)

Unique Numbers:

Beginning (12 pm):           Leads: 13365 or 12365           Follows: 13385 or 12650

Beginning (1 pm):             Leads: 13370 or 12640           Follows: 13390 or 12655

Intermediate Social Dance (TTh, 2 pm)

Unique Numbers:

Intermediate (2 pm):           Leads: 13395           Follows: 13375

Social Dance Traditions: 100 Years of Tango (TTh, 3 pm)

Unique Numbers:

100 Years of Tango (3 pm):           Leads: 13400           Follows: 13380

Teaching Social Dance (TTh 4 pm)

Whatever class you're registering for, we hope to see on the dance floor soon!

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