Angelus is an easy waltz sequence dance composed by R. T. Almond in 1923.

The Position

Waltz position, Lead facing LOD.

The Dance

Part I - Promenade and Point (4 bars): Back the Follow three steps along LOD (1, 2, 3), then two more steps in canter timing (4, 6). Take one more slow step along LOD (1), and point first foot along LOD (4).

Part II - Back Ochos (4 bars): Lead crosses left over right toward outside wall as Follow crosses right behind left (1), step side toward outside wall (3), and close free foot with weight (4). Repeat toward the center of the room, Lead crossing right in front and Follow left behind (1, 3, 4). This part travels slightly along LOD.

Part III - Hesitate (4 bars): Back the Follow three steps along LOD, hesitating with a slight dip on the third step (1, 3, 4). Then repeat opposite, backing the Lead against LOD (1, 3, 4).

Part III - Promenade and Waltz (4 bars): Back the Follow three steps along LOD (1, 2, 3), then complete one waltz turn to the right, starting Follow backing (4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3), and hesitate on second foot along LOD for the last bar (4).

Repeat from the beginning.

The Music

Waltz music.

Jay Eltinge and Rex Halm's vocal waltz "Angelus" is the recommended tune, but it doesn't look like it was ever recorded.


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